4 Detox Ideas

9th January 2018

Whether you’re feeling bloated after Christmas or want to start preparing for Summer, detoxing is probably the place to start.


Detoxing is all about ridding your body of all the toxins and unhealthy substances it has acquired over a period of time.


However, with new detoxes appearing left right and centre, it’s difficult to know which ones will actually benefit you.


So, here at Mega Moringa, we did all the research for you and found four different detoxes for you to try in 2018.


  1. Detox Water.


We’re always being told we need to drink around 2 litres of water a day, but with so many more flavoursome drinks on the market what motivation is there.


Detox waters are possibly the best way to get your daily intake of water. Adding sliced fruit to water and leaving it to chill and infuse for a few hours creates a deliciously refreshing drink.


Infused water is very adaptable, it can be drank throughout the day to detox your body or even before meals to make your body feel fuller for longer.


Different fruits promote different things within the body. For example, lemon removes toxins from your body and enhances your immune system while cucumber is good for staying hydrated.


Watermelon water is perfect for people sticking to a strict fitness routine, because the watermelon is packed with amino acids and anti-inflammatory nutrients.


  1. Detox Soup

Everyone has heard of juicing, but is it really worth replacing a perfectly good meal with a drink?


‘Souping’ follows the same rules as Juicing, however replaces solid meals with a more substantial alternative.


Detoxing with soup isn’t about calorie restricting, and you’re definitely not going to be starving like on a juice cleanse, in fact, studies have shown soup can actually be more filling than solid food.


Soups are an easy way of getting tonnes more veg into your diet, not only are they easy to make, but they contain, depending on which soups you choose to eat, carbs, protein and all of the nutrients your body could need.


  1. Dry January


Completely different to most detoxes, dry January is the best way to let your body detox itself.


Avoiding alcohol for the whole of January is no new concept, but it’s still one of the most well known detoxes.


Although Dry January and Go Sober October are campaigns to raise awareness for different charities, they’re a great way to flush your body of all the unwanted toxins.


The alcohol concern website states 62% of participants had better sleep and therefore more energy, while 49% lost weight.


Not only does it give your body, especially your liver, a break but it has the added bonus of saving money


  1. Mega Moringa


Taking supplements is a great way to ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs to make the most of your detox.


Probably the easiest way to combat that New Year bloating, supplements come in the form of capsules which you can take daily, no need for any major lifestyle change.


Mega Moringa is a 100% organic, natural superfood supplement developed especially with sportsmen in mind.


Battling fatigue, fighting inflammation, boosting the immune system, promoting healthy skin and muscle growth are all amongst the many benefits that come with Mega Moringa.


Just set aside a 2-3 week period to take several Mega Moringa capsules a morning alongside a healthy diet, and you’ll be sure to see the benefits.

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